Дыбра (dybra) wrote,

опять про фильмы

кто знает, ремейк чего вот этот фильм
He Said, She Said is a 1991 romantic comedy starring Kevin Bacon, Elizabeth Perkins, Nathan Lane and Sharon Stone.

It is the story of the relationship between journalists Dan Hanson (Bacon) and Lorie Bryer (Perkins) twice – once from each perspective. The man's story was directed by Ken Kwapis and the woman's by Marisa Silver. At the time, Kwapis and Silver were engaged and they married soon after the film was released.

Dan and Lorie are rival editorial page contributors at the Baltimore Sun. The rivalry between the conservative Dan and liberal Lorie eventually leads to a TV series where both present their opposing views on various topics. As Dan and Lorie get to know each other, they discover they have feelings for each other


  • Whatsapp и инста у всех в РФ умерли?

    собственно сабж

  • котофото

    Поклонницам рыжего кота сегодняшний кадр. Наконец-таки эти морды начали хотя бы лежать рядом без драки и выяснений кто тут главкот.

  • Получила первую дозу спутника

    Не сказать что прямо быстро, чуть больше получаса вышло от захода в поликлинику до прививки. Половину времени съело заполнение кучи бумажек -…

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